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On 2016/10/31 by Patrik Appelquist

Do you remember how nice it was to be 5 years old running around playing with your friends outside? Well, that´s kind of what I did the other day. Me, Ellie, Melissa and Adam went on a trip. Ellie said we were going to Cain´s. And what a place then! And what a guy! Later on we met with Pxl (the bear to the left) and ShyAnne (down left). We were checking out Caine´s dome/house  and all he´s art creations.

All of a sudden we were all dressed in different costumes, running around in the frikkin desert taking photos. This is the result. Hope you like it. I had a blast. One of the best days in my life. This is life, this is living! I´m the guy in the mask and black cap btw =)

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