CEO of Dump Tees

Dump Tees is a clothing brand from the garbage dump La Chureca in Nicaragua. True stories from people living by the dump.

"Tee up or die naked" -Dump Tees

Founder of

A Swedish NGO for street kids and women living in the community around the garbage dump La Chureca in Nicaragua.

"Give light and people will find the way" -Ella Baker

Business Developer

Studying Enterprising and Business Development at the Linnaeus university in Växjö.

"Reason and judgement are the qualities of a leader" -Tacitus

Speaker & Writer

Speaking about the entrepreneurial journey, from ngo to pro-profit, the work with the kids from the dump. Writing secret books!

"Speech is the mirror of the soul" -Publilius Syrus

A dream comes true

On 2014/12/15 by Patrik Appelquist

The ones who knows me know that I´m a social loner. I love people and I love my own company and I really appreciate to be alone now and then. That´s when I recharge my batteries. So, since I do feel comfortable being alone, I´ve done most of my trips abroad and adventures alone. I have of course met new friends wherever I´ve gone but those friends often stay where I met them and once back in Sweden I have no one to share the lovely memories with. So, when I thought about this new adventure, I thought that I would break up with an old pattern and that I at least should invite some people to join. So I invited a bunch of family, friends and fools that I know very well and don´t know at all but want to get to know better. A bunch of guys that i adore, look up to and/or inspire me in different ways. I know for sure that it takes a lot to be able to come. Money, time and other sacrifices. So…time will tell wheather I go alone or not this time. I hope for the latter.

I graduate from the Linnaeus University in june 2015 (Enterprising and Business Development). Three years of studies are soon to be over. Before being hired by H&M or IKEA´s sustainability, product development or CSR department I want to experience the feeling of total freedom at it´s best. And for me, I think that would be a trip down to southern Europe. But I´m not talking about a flight or so, oh no my friend…

You´re riding a little bit over 70 kilometers per hour. The sun is about to set over the French vineyards and hunger is calling for attention while you sweep down the curly roads. Just 2 kilometers left until we arrive at the guest house where we´ll sleep and eat cheaply. An amazing sound suddenly appears from behind. The roar of the 1100cc motors is just incredible. You’re looking in the rearview mirror of your motorbike. Three of your friends are about to catch up with you on their bikes. One of them honk when he pass by, just to disappear out of sight a few seconds later down the valley. ”This will be a nice vacation video” -you think for yourself while you´re watching your go-pro attached to the front of your 80´s retro bike. The others has already released the lightweight packing and are ready to call it a day when you turn right down the small road that leads to the B&B. You lock the bikes and walk in to enjoy the French cuisine, the view over the vineyards and the freshly brewed beer. Tomorrow we´ll be taking on another 200 kilometers. Switzerland awaits.

In summary:
Me + a bunch of the best people + motorbikes + 3 weeks + the best places and roads of southern europe = Amazing!

When life intervenes

On 2014/10/06 by Patrik Appelquist

You know how it is when you´re in the middle of everything. When you see grainy fragments of things thru the eye of the storm and everything gets blurry because your natural shutterspeed is to slow to capture the moment. When there is no flashlight to freeze time and not enough iso in your life to compensate the overwhelming darkness. Time lapse in circles but you feel like you´re standing still. Hard to tell the difference between truth and beliefs, confused by the fake dept of field. So many things happening in the same time, but somehow, since you´re in the middle of the tornado, it´s totaly quiet and still, and the only thing you can hear is your heart beating and your attempts to catch the breath while trying to regain focus. Desperately zooming in, aiming at anything steady to cling on to. One shot, to no avail. Just to trade in the healthy, peripheral vision manual mode, for tunnel vision automatic mode. A memory stuck in a frame, a pure and simple black and white negative.

I talked with my little sister on the phone the other day. She´s 8500 kilometers away from me. And normally that´s fine but, as my teacher in Customer Relationship Management would say; the dependent variable ”pain” that her tears cause you has a significant relationship with the independent variable ”distance” between the two of you. Being this far away, when one of my loved ones is alone in the iris of the storm, is just heartbreaking.

Dear little sister, I want to be your rock steady tripod and iso in your life. I want to be the one turning your negatives into beautiful colorful photos…

Patrik Appelquist
Photo cred to our mutual beloved sister Cecilia Appelquist

You know I´m all about that bass…

On 2014/10/04 by Patrik Appelquist

I found some awesome covers of that great song ”All about that bass” by Meghan Trainor the other day. This is why I really love music. I just love how musicians interpret songs and make it somewhat their own. Enjoy!
all about that bass

Workout in Macau

On 2014/10/03 by Patrik Appelquist

Im so fed up of waiting for the university´s gym to open. They´ve been saying different dates all the time and it´s been 7 weeks allready. That´s just some bad quality service, not living up to what they promised. Back in Sweden I used to go to the gym like 4-5 times a week and now…nothing. Yes I tried to find another gym in Macau but, gym is not considered a ”folk activity” here, so it´s ridiculously expensive. One of the gym wanted 3700 euro a year. It aint gonna happen so that´s why I met with some friends today to do a workout together.

Danella put together a rutine and me and Ebba followed her lead. It was really nice. First I was allright but as soon as we stopped I felt dizzy. Maybe because of the heat, maybe because of my bad condition, I don´t know 😉

patrik appelquist
patrik appelquist träning
Photo cred to: Ebba Cameron


On 2014/09/27 by Patrik Appelquist

[message] I found a wall the other day…[end of message]

Patrik Appelquist Photo
Photo: Me

Photoshoot in Macau with Danella

On 2014/09/26 by Patrik Appelquist

I haven´t had the time to take any serious photos lately but yesterday I went with the fashion designer Danella Lei to Taipa in Macau to do some shooting for her blog. It was a very nice session and Danella did well. I love the whole process of photography, it makes me calm down and relax in a very good way. I need to do it more often.

Click the photos to see them in full size
Photographer: Me
Model: Danella Lei

Patrik Appelquist for Danella Lei (135 av 182) (Large)

Patrik Appelquist for Danella Lei (143 av 182) (Large)

Patrik Appelquist for Danella Lei (149 av 182) (Large)

Patrik Appelquist for Danella Lei (155 av 182) (Large)

Patrik Appelquist for Danella Lei (175 av 182) (Large)sdsdf

Patrik Appelquist for Danella Lei (10 av 182) (Large)

Patrik Appelquist for Danella Lei (26 av 182) (Large)

Patrik Appelquist for Danella Lei (52 av 182) (Large)

Patrik Appelquist for Danella Lei (62 av 182) (Large)

Patrik Appelquist for Danella Lei (74 av 182) (Large)

Patrik Appelquist for Danella Lei (98 av 182) (Large)

Patrik Appelquist for Danella Lei (108 av 182) (Large)

Steve Wynn visits UMAC

On 2014/09/23 by Patrik Appelquist

Mr Steve Wynn, founder and CEO of Wynn Resorts and the 428th riches man in the world came to the University of Macau today. He was talking about his business and the future of Macau with all the casinos present here.

steve wynn

I googled him the night before to ”get to know” him a little bit better before his speach and I realized quickly what a great storyteller he is and what an impressive businessman he has become. The speach was more of a motivational one to us as the first students of the university´s new campus. I was actually expecting more of the speach, to be honest. I wanted it to be more profound. I guess I wanted him to share just a little bit more of the ”behind the scenes” etc. Instead it felt like a speach ment to make us positive towards the whole casino thing going on in Macau.

To be frankly. I don´t know if I believe in Macau in the long run. Yes, today I think it´s a golden opportunity both for Macau and for Wynn and the other players to be here and build fancy properties called hotels and casinos. But what about in 20-30 years? In my opinion, the only reason Wynn and the others are here is because gambling is illegal in the most other countries of Asia. So, Macau becomes the natural place to go if you want to gamle. It´s a perfect market.

I´ve lived in Macau six weeks now and I tell you what; Macau is hotels and casinos, but nothing else. Well, ofcourse all the fancy and/or negative things that comes with casinos, like prostitution (which is kind of legal in Macau) and money laundering etc. No nice beach to go to and overall not very many attractions besides gambling. In my opinion, Macau has put all their golden eggs in one basket and one basket only. Casinos and casinos only. Macau obviously makes big money on the casinos, someone told me that the casinos stands for around 90% of it´s GDP, 90 percent!

But what will happen with Macau when the surrounding countries realizes that there is big money to be made in the gambling industry? When they start to liberalize their laws and build their own hotels and casinos? I talked to a guy working for a law firm the other day and it seems like it´s allready happening in Cambodia. What country is next? But the most interesting question is, how much of the market share can/could they take from China and Macau? Does it really matter? Will the emerging China create such a big middle class and upper class (in China but also in the asian countries they trade with) the coming decades that the market will be big enough for several big players in every Asian country?

Or will globalization in Asia (like more open borders etc) decrease the chinese gambling tourism to Macau? What happens when/if Wynn and the other casinos profits are decreasing as a result of the competition in an expanding market? Would they sell their extravagant properties and leave with what they could scoop up? And if they do…and here is the million dollar question; what did Macau do and become before that? How did they invest the billions they made during the golden years? In the best case scenario they invested the money in the idea of Macau 2.0; what to do when the glory days of casinos are gone. Because, from what I´ve heard, the Macanese administration is not very pleased with the downsides of the casinos. Like the prostitution, gambling addictions, the fact that the locals prefere to gamble and/or take a job instead of educating themselves, drugs and that the rents and prices in general are increasing so fast that the Macanese people can´t afford to live in their own place, on their own island.

wynn macau

So…that makes me think about what would happen to a place if all it´s native habitants would move? I think the last piece of Macau´s sole would disappear with it. It would become nothing but plastic fantastic, which is nice…if you don´t live there…

I realize that the administration of Macau is in a tricky situation here. They love the money pouring in and so far they consider the pro´s bigger than the con´s. I can also understand Mr Wynn´s point of view (the one he choosed to talk about today ofcourse) that they are creating thousands of jobs for the macanese people and are contributing to increasing submarkets etc. Yes it is very nice, but the casinos dosen´t have to be responsible for all the negative things around it. That´s up to Macau to handle. The casinos can leave when they want but Macau will always be. The casinos can find new interesting and emerging markets but Macau will stay put. Maybe I´d like to see the casinos contribute more to the society, due to the big downsides. In business we talk about the four pillars of sustainability and in my world, the situation in Macau is only sustainable economically, not social or environmentally nor culturally.

So, Mr Steve Wynn, it was nice to meet you today, call me when you´re planning to expand your way of doing CSR in your business. Then I´d be more than happy to work with you.

Patrik, Patrick or Patricio?

On 2014/08/27 by Patrik Appelquist

Over the years I´ve had numerous of friends asking me to write this blog in english. After my adventures in Spain, Nicaragua and now China, I´ve met a lot of awesome people from all around the world (who doesn´t speek swedish) and therefore I will start writing in english from now on. At least I´ll try it for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. Since I want to work abroad as a business developer after my studies at the Linnaeus University I also think it´s a good way of broadening my network by reaching out to other nationalities as well. It´s also very convenient for me at the moment since I speak english all day long with all the exchange students and professors. The only thing I won´t write in english are topics regarding swedish politics etc.

kisses of the world

My english is not perfect, I am gonna struggle a lot and the downside of writing in english is that I won´t feel that I can deliver that personal feeling to the text that I´m always trying to do. The ones who knows me knows that I love languages and words. Old swedish words and sayings are like spices to my swedish language and I do identify myself with those things. My english is more strict and correct (not saying it´s correct but stiff in a way), not very alive. I think you get the point. But hey, It´s gonna be spicy one day if I practise. So let´s practise…

Pingis och telefonnummer

On 2014/08/27 by Patrik Appelquist

Idag hade jag inga lektioner alls. Tisdagar kommer att vara min lediga dag. Det passar bra för då kanske jag hinner pyssla lite med läxor, Dump Tees eller SFI-projektet. När grabbarna va klara med sina lektioner så tog vi bussen till Taipa för att köpa mig ett telefonnummer och för att storhandla på deras supermarket. Priserna på butiken här på campus är nästan dubbelt så höga som inne i stan faktiskt. Jag bunkrade på mig nudlar i massor. Den stora lådan med nudlar kostar bara 4,50 sek styck. Nej jag vet det är inte bästa maten men vi har inte tillgång till kök i våra lägenheter här. Däremot har vi tillgång till kallt och kokande vatten i pentryt på vår våning. Det funkar kanon till nudlar och jag tror att man kan ”koka” lite ägg med det. För att få lite proteiner också!

Damen i telefonbutiken pratade länge och väl, eller ja, inte så väl men ganska länge, om hur det funkar med prepay-cards osv. Det enda jag fattade va hennes sista mening ”yu inderstind?”. Jag fattade inte ett jota. Hon suckade och tog allt från början. På något som lät lite mer som engelska. Ett tu tre så hade jag fått ett macanesiskt telefonnummer i alla fall.

På butiken luktade det apa. Så oerhört ruttet så jag trodde jag skulle dö. Tomas sa att han hade sett något typ av kött som butiksbiträdena hackade upp och vi letade efter det men hittade det aldrig. Det sjuka är att senare på kvällen när jag öppnade mitt fantastiskt fina paket med kakor så fanns exakt, exakt samma lukt i påsen! Jag och Kike (min room mate) försökte verkligen äta den men det gick inte!

tea time
Min room mate Kike.

Efter butiksbesöket gick vi till bussen. Jag hade druckit dåligt under dagen så jag sa till grabbarna att jag skulle pipa iväg och köpa mig en läsk eller liknande. Precis när jag börjar gå så ser vi bussen bortom rondellen. Jag kubbar snabbt in i den lilla kiosken och hugger en isté, frågar mannen om han kan skynda sig en aning med frukterna som han håller på och staplar i andra änden av kiosken eftersom bussen är på väg. Mannen märker min stress och slänger sig runt disken, skriker ”6 patacas”, jag ger honom tio. Han börjar rota i sin kassa och gormar att han ger mig fem patacas eftersom det går fortare så (fem patacas finns i mynt, ungefär som vår femkrona). Så jäkla go gubbe! Dagens ros går till honom!

Väl på campus igen så bokade vi pingisborden. Jag, Kike och Tomas (spanien), Goran (sverige), Yuta och Shun (japan) lirade matcher och vinnaren fick stå kvar. Racketarna va små, nästan två centimeter för korta så det kändes lite lustigt att hålla i dom. Men ganska snart kom vi in i det och kunde börja lira på riktigt. Jag introducerade rundpingis för japanerna. Något som var mycket uppskattat. Vi sprang oss galet svettiga och spelade non-stop i två timmar i princip.

pingpong in macau