Patrik, Patrick or Patricio?

On 2014/08/27 by Patrik Appelquist

Over the years I´ve had numerous of friends asking me to write this blog in english. After my adventures in Spain, Nicaragua and now China, I´ve met a lot of awesome people from all around the world (who doesn´t speek swedish) and therefore I will start writing in english from now on. At least I´ll try it for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. Since I want to work abroad as a business developer after my studies at the Linnaeus University I also think it´s a good way of broadening my network by reaching out to other nationalities as well. It´s also very convenient for me at the moment since I speak english all day long with all the exchange students and professors. The only thing I won´t write in english are topics regarding swedish politics etc.

kisses of the world

My english is not perfect, I am gonna struggle a lot and the downside of writing in english is that I won´t feel that I can deliver that personal feeling to the text that I´m always trying to do. The ones who knows me knows that I love languages and words. Old swedish words and sayings are like spices to my swedish language and I do identify myself with those things. My english is more strict and correct (not saying it´s correct but stiff in a way), not very alive. I think you get the point. But hey, It´s gonna be spicy one day if I practise. So let´s practise…