CEO of Dump Tees

Dump Tees is a clothing brand from the garbage dump La Chureca in Nicaragua. True stories from people living by the dump.

"Tee up or die naked" -Dump Tees

Founder of

A Swedish NGO for street kids and women living in the community around the garbage dump La Chureca in Nicaragua.

"Give light and people will find the way" -Ella Baker

Business Developer

Studying Enterprising and Business Development at the Linnaeus university in Växjö.

"Reason and judgement are the qualities of a leader" -Tacitus

Speaker & Writer

Speaking about the entrepreneurial journey, from ngo to pro-profit, the work with the kids from the dump. Writing secret books!

"Speech is the mirror of the soul" -Publilius Syrus

When one of your best friends are getting married

On 2017/07/31 by Patrik Appelquist

One of my best friends got married the other day. I couldn´t resist the opportunity to get some nice photos of the couple during one of their most important days of their life. Congratulations Daniel and Alexandra. Much love!


Daniel och Alexandras bro?llopsfoton-23

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Daniel och Alexandras bro?llopsfoton-71

Daniel och Alexandras bro?llopsfoton-78

Daniel och Alexandras bro?llopsfoton-82

Daniel och Alexandras bro?llopsfoton-88

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Daniel och Alexandras bro?llopsfoton-99

Daniel och Alexandras bro?llopsfoton-101

Daniel och Alexandras bro?llopsfoton-103

Daniel och Alexandras bro?llopsfoton-112

Daniel och Alexandras bro?llopsfoton-113

Daniel och Alexandras bro?llopsfoton-115

Daniel och Alexandras bro?llopsfoton-116

Daniel och Alexandras bro?llopsfoton-122

Reflections on my 10 day Vipassana retreat in silence

On 2017/07/14 by Patrik Appelquist

100 hours of meditation in 10 days

The deal was 10 hours of meditation every day in 10 days. 100 hours of meditation. 10 days of absolute silence. No talk, no signs, no watch people in the eyes, no communication at all. No books, no pens, no computer or cell phone, nada!

The food was amazing, all vegetarian. The people were super nice. It was all free. The meditation technique is super simple. It´s back to basic. No imagination, no verbalization or visualization. It´s basically focusing on the breath and the feelings in/on your body.

They provide with cushions and blankets. The only thing you need to bring is clothes, a towel, bed sheets and a big portion of motivation.

I´m glad I at least started to meditate before I got there

I was kind of nervous before I went because I knew it was going to be tough. Especially since I´d only meditated about 3 months before I got there. And we´re talking about 20 minutes a day kind of meditation. Once or twice I tried to sit for about 45 minutes and it was doable. I tell you what, I´m glad I at least started to meditate before I got there. When I first started to meditate about 3 months ago I could barely sit still for 10 minutes. No joke! I was constantly thinking ”oh it must be over soon” or ”did I screw up the alarm or something, didn´t it ring”? The monkey inside of me was wild and crazy, wild and crazy! It should have known what was about to come…

The thing with Vipassana is that your state of mind depends on so many factors. You got the silence, the lack of physical touch, the feeling of almost being locked up, super boring routines, physical pain, mental pain, restlessness, less food/energy than normal, being around 80 new people, celibate, no external stimulation at all etc.

vipassana bild ord

After 24 hours I really appreciated the silence

Before I got there I thought I would have a hard time with the noble silence – I didn´t. I loved the silence. I could be silent for months. After 24 hours I really appreciated the silence. I wanted nobody to disturb my silence. It became precious to me. I barely answered the teacher when he asked me questions. I just nodded. During those 10 days, I whispered about 20 words to the teacher and the assisting teacher. I never used my voice once.

I deal with my shit when it hits me

Before I got there I also thought that a lot of things from the past would arise and shake me mentally. It didn´t. Mentally I was in very good shape during those 10 days. Sure, I thought about my mom who recently passed away and I thought about other difficult things that have happened in my life but it wasn´t something new, no ugly stinking surprises. I can´t tell why I didn´t experience more of a shitstorm but as far as I see it, it can have something to do with how deep (or shallow) I´ve come in my meditation. If I would have come deeper down I might have found more of it, I don´t know. Or maybe it´s just that I don´t have too much of ugly stinking surprises left. I mean, I´ve always been a thinker and an emotional guy. I´ve never really suppressed feelings. I deal with my shit when it hits me. I don´t run away or hide from it. I take a good look at it, learn from it and try to see my role in the situation and what I could have done differently. Though, I don´t dwell on things. During these 10 days, 5 people out of 80 left because of anxiety.

vipassana hus2

The guy was jumping around between a couple of big logs…

Restlessness was almost not a problem for me. I knew it was going to be very monotonous and based on basically the same routine every day. I was prepared. I brought forward the military exercise mentality – you might not love what you do now but you´ll love the results from it. One guy, the boxer, had a very hard time with restlessness. He told me later that he´s used to do workout every day, to get his body very tired and that calms him down. There we weren´t allowed to do any kind of exercise. The guy was jumping around between a couple of big logs and I saw him doing som shadow boxing as well. Just to get it out of the system and get calm again.

…my mind wandered off and only wanted to think about ”tits and ass”…

To live 10 days in celibate with no touchi touchi yourself was never a problem either. You just don´t have the time to think about those things and you definitely don´t have the time or space/privacy to do something about it. However, I can admit that I had a very tough time during about an hour on day 4 when my mind wandered off and only wanted to think about ”tits and ass” and naughty things. The imagination was crazy and I don´t even dare to write that kind of weird thoughts my mind distracted me with. Though I quickly managed to kill all those thoughts and bring the attention back to the meditation again. It was kind of weird to not have a boner in 10 days. Never happened before and will probably and hopefully never happen again (ask me again when im 80 years old).

The feeling of being locked up. It wasn´t that bad but you can only move in a specific area which is limited. This means that you see a little area and only this little area for 10 days. I really felt like I was in a bubble. A social construction with the real world outside. It wasn´t too exciting but necessary because you should not distract your mind with cool stuff or real world bullshit. You should focus on your breath and meditation.

vipassana hus1

I asked the pain for a dance…

What really gave me a hard time was the physical pain. My knees, back and chest. Oh my lord. On day 4 I was struggling badly with it. I had to stop thinking about the meditation technique and take a swing at the pain. I asked for a dance and man how we danced. After about 8 hours of dancing, I won the battle and the war and got the first price in ”Let´s dance”. After that, the pain was not as bad and I could focus on the meditation again. But it was a very shitty day that took a lot of energy and gave me a lot of frustration.

The external stimulation wasn´t a problem either. I didn´t miss my cell phone or computer a second. It was soo nice to enjoy the quiet place. Only the birds singing, the wind in the trees and the bees flying around like small airplanes. They say that if you block one of your senses, another one of your senses will be stronger. My olfactory got crazy good during these days. All of a sudden I started to smell flowers and resin from the trees. It was lovely!


The daily routine was something like this.

04.00 wake up (beautiful sunrise every day)

04.30 meditation until 07.00

07.00 breakfast until 08.00

08.00 mediation until 11.00

11.00 lunch until 13.00 (vegetarian food)

13.00 mediation until 17.00

17.00 fruit and tea time until 18.00 (no dinner)

18.00 story time about Budha and the technique until 19.00

19.00 meditation until 21.00

21.00 end of day

21.30 lights out – good night! (beautiful sunset every day)

Day three was crazy movie time day

The first day was no problem for me. Everything new and exciting and my focus was very strong. Day two was alright. Day three was crazy movie time day. My mind wandered every second breath and disturbed me with crazy imagination pictures like a movie. I rapidly realized this and got back to mediation but two breaths later I was back to movie time again. Some of them were imagination, some of the movies were memories. What they had in common was that I was always talking with someone. It was very disturbing at the time because I couldn´t focus on the meditation but now, afterward, I think it was kind of interesting.

vipassana grinden

Day seven – when the monkey left for the woods and never came back

On day four I had the struggle with the pain, low focus on meditation during that. Day five and six was good but day seven was hard. During day seven my mind started thinking about the future. And like you all know, I´m an entrepreneur and business developer with new projects around the corner. Obviously, I got stuck thinking about my latest project and I had a very hard time to get out of it. It took me two hours and I had to fight it just like I fought the pain. Luckily I got out of it and had a few very good meditation hours during that evening. Happy about it I pampered myself with 30 minutes of walking and thinking about the future. Bad mistake. My mind (the monkey) left for the woods and never came back. I didn´t sleep a minute that night and the meditation in the morning was horrible. Later that day I got out of the future and managed to focus on the meditation again.

I got super emotional and cried for a few minutes

Day 8 was good with very good focus but day 9 was so-so since I started to see the light in the tunnel. Too soon! At 10 am during day 10 we broke the silence. We were in the hall meditating and I knew that when this session is over, I´ll go outside and I´ll be able/allowed to talk again. The bell rang. The session was over and it was time to leave the hall. Everybody got up and left the hall. I stayed a bit longer. I got super emotional and cried for a few minutes. I felt just like before graduation. Happy and proud but also a bit sad and empty because it was over. I could hear people talking outside and I could tell they were in a very good mode. I got up, wiped my tears and went outside. It was so bright outside but I glanced and saw two guys just outside the hall. One of the guys said hi to me and I said hi back. Just to realize that I just broke the noble silence for the first time. It was kind of weird to hear my own voice again. He asked me how I was and I said ”good, I think…” and ”I got a bit emotional in there…”. He asked me if I had cried and I said yes. In that moment I realized how very soft and sweet all the guys there were. No macho macho testosterone back clapping bullshit here. A lot of feelings and everyone shared their story, their pain, their struggle, their happiness. It was a very very nice and pleasant moment. I finally got to talk to my two roomies, a Danish guy and a Norwegian guy. Good folks, they behaved very well during the 10 days!

I did it!

24 hours later we had cleaned the facilities, packed our stuff and was about to leave the farm. I had managed the challenge, I had learned a new technique of meditation and I had gotten a couple of new friends. I turned on my cell phone, got on the bus and went back to reality as calmer and hopefully stronger and better version of me.

I can totally recommend you to try it. It´s a challenge and it´s not always fun but what doesn´t kill you make you stronger. I came back to reality super calm. It´s free and it´s up to you if you want to make a donation afterward. The whole idea of Vipassana is very egoless. Just like Buddha wanted it to be. An egoless action. An egoless gift. It´s also a very nice thing to make a donation afterward. It´s a way of giving others the opportunity to take the course, just like someone (an old student) gave you by making a donation.

Love, harmony and happiness to all beings <3

I will be quiet for 10 days straight in june!

On 2017/04/03 by Patrik Appelquist

Are you ever quiet? Is your life ever still for a second? Do you ever stop and think for a while? Or are you constantly doing things, feeding your brain with articles online, Facebook feeds, Instagram photos of cute cats, podcasts, movies, musts and what not? When did you sit still for 2 hours just thinking the last time? Have you ever done it? Do you even dare doing it?

We´ll I´m the first to admit that I´m one of you guys. I´m doing the same thing. I feed myself with information pretty well 24/7. I´m a super curious guy and I´m so hungry to learn new things. Like now when I´m studying trading on my free time (which atm is 24/7). I could have been lying on the beach drinking coconuts not giving a fuck, but I don´t because I´m so eager to learn new things. I don´t even want to take a break. I listen to economy podcasts on the way to the office (McDonalds here in Leon Nicaragua), I spend the whole day studying and reading about trading, then I listen to a podcast on the way home again. In the evening I´m preparing the next days trades. Repeat.

The thing is that I´ve become very good at sorting out the crap. I choose what I want to consume and I try to block all the things I´m not interested in. This means I´m a very effective consumer of information. But, I´m still consuming all the time. I´m basically an information junkie. I sometimes feel restless when I don´t have any new Instagram photos to watch or no podcasts to listen to. Sometimes I find myself browsing through my apps in my phone, searching for something interesting to do. So so restless. Always looking for that fix of information or just something to stimulate my poor brain. It´s horrible when I think about it.

That´s also why I love physical work. If you´ve been following me on my journey in the states you saw me helping out in a off grid community chopping woods and stuff. It´s so great and I love it because I´m so present when doing it. I´m there using my body of flesh and bones for a good purpose. I´m there and I appreciate the moment. I feel very much alive when doing it. All of a sudden I start to think about things, my things, my thoughts. Not somebody else´s thoughts packaged into a Youtube clip or a Facebook article. Sometimes it´s just so nice to be with myself. With my own thoughts without anything distracting it. I tend to think a lot about life, how I want to live my life, I think about my family, my childhood, all the opportunities in this world, how I want to contribute, meaning of life etc etc.

I think we all can agree on the statement that it´s a good thing to take a break from time to time to think. To think our own thoughts. To disconnect for a while. To turn off the computer and cellphone and get to know yourself. Hang out with yourself, in your head. Sure I have friends that told me they are afraid of being alone with their thoughts because they don´t think they could handle it. So it´s just easier to put a lid on it and just don´t think about it. Because who knows what would happen!?

I love thinking but I don´t take the time to do it. I´ve been trying a bit of meditation because I really do believe that it´s a good thing. And yes it helped me a lot when I really needed it. But then I quit. I´d love to get it as a routine though.

Here´s the deal: I´ve accepted a challenge to be quiet for 10 days straight this summer. I applied for a meditation course called Vipassana in Sweden and guess what?! I got accepted!! =) It´s totally free and is basically 10 days of meditation from morning to bedtime. You wake up around 04.00 and go to bed about 21.00. The whole day is full of meditation. You´re not allowed to talk to people but with your teacher. No cellphones, no computers, no pen and paper, no workout, no stimuli for the brain, no nothing! You´re not even allowed to look people in the eyes. This retreat is all about you and your head, your thoughts, you. It´s a journey inside you, inside your brain, inside your personality, inside whatever defines you. It´s about time to take a very very close look at who I am, what my thoughts are and what my thoughts will become.


How will I handle 10 days in silence? I have no idea. I consider myself as a strong person both physically and mentally so I´m not super worried about it. Doing the military service and working for the Swedish Armed Forces was sometimes very challenging physically and sometimes mentally, but I do believe that this will be one of the toughest challenges mentally so far in my life. I´ve heard about people crying and panicking and having a really hard time dealing with all the thoughts coming up.

I think I will cry during these 10 days. I think I will struggle a lot with just sitting still. I don´t have a diagnosis of ADHD but my patience is not very good when bored. And I get very bored very easily. I will probably laugh a little bit about the whole thing. I will probably think it was a fucking stupid idea from time to time. But I know I´m a super stubborn person. I will do it and i will finish it. And I´m pretty sure that I afterwards will revalue many things in life, I think I will appreciate more things and appreciate it even higher. I think I´ll get to know the real me on a whole new level. I think I´ll become stronger mentally and I think it will be a very interesting experience. But I really have no idea – I will welcome whatever happens and I´ll try to embrace it and learn from it, whatever it is.

Have you ever done anything similar? What´s your thoughts about it? Would you dare to?

My summary of the awesome year of 2016

On 2017/01/18 by Patrik Appelquist

Normally I don´t like doing what everyone else is doing. For some reason it makes me feel sick and I instinctively want to go the other way. I´m not really sure why but I hate the idea of being just a dead fish following the stream. Today I´m going to do the same thing as everyone else. I´m gonna summarize 2016 and I´m going to do it here. But I´m not gonna do it like a dead fish without his own will. I´m gonna do it like a proud little raft with sails, taking command of the powers of the nature. Ok things are getting unnecessary poetical here, lets just talk about the year 2016! I think it´s nice to spend an hour or two, looking back at a year that passed by, to remember and to appreciate the good things and to learn from the bad. In this blogpost the main focus will be on the good stuff that 2016 offered me.


In general, 2016 was a fucking amazing year for me. One of the best in my life I think. Why? Because things were just great. I mean, everything wasn´t great. I had my fair share of bad stuff as well but overall; I was in a good place, amongst friends and I had so much fun. Maybe I should make a list? A top ten list? Yeah why not! Here we go, in no particular order cuz it´s impossible to rate happenings like these…


  1. Living together with John and Erik.

As you might know I was sharing an apartment with two amazing guys for almost a year on campus in Växjö. I´ve always had a hard time living with people because I´ve always been this super social person that charges my batteries when I get home. And when I got home I needed peace and quiet and time for myself. That was never the case in 2016. Every time I came home I wished that one of the guys would be home to tell me about their day and/or talk about business. Because that´s mainly what we did. We talked business! Believe it or not but John is as big of a business nerd as I am. I have so many funny memories from him / or me bringing home girls to the house and all of a sudden we just couldn´t hold it back and BOM – talking business again. Poor ladies! John was not only a furious and paranoid landlord throwing fruits and vegetables on me leaving the house, he has, in a very short time, also become one of my very best friends lin life. I feel so very blessed because good friends like that, well it just doesn´t happen every year! For that reason, that´s my number one!


  1. Got the driving license for motorcycle

One of the best feelings is the feeling of freedom. And I get that feeling the second I jump on my little 70´s moped. I love that little thing. Rolling down the streets late at night at the furious pace of 30 km/h, feeling the smell of gas and flowers, feeling able of going anywhere, the feeling of owning the world. Or at least owning the street I´m on. Because you don´t get that far driving 30 km/h. And as you know, I love traveling. But it´s complicated traveling on a moped. That´s why I decided to get my driver´s license for the motorcycle. And I fucking did it!


I broke my arm in the beginning of January. I was devastated because me and Adam were about to start a new training related project and the whole project could have been on risk. And it´s quite hard to drive a motorcycle if you´ve got a broken arm as well so I was so worried that it wouldn´t get better before I´d start practicing driving. The arm healed but it took a great deal of time to get good again and I was so happy to get rid of the cast in mars. Even though the cast was gone, all my muscles in the arms were just gone or sleeping since I hadn´t used them for about 3 months. A months later in april I bought my first motorcycle ever. A beautiful Suzuki VX800. That was such a happy moment. I struggled with the pain in my arm, driving on a parking lot on campus, doing circles around cones and practicing driving very very slow. That´s the hard part driving a motorcycle, to drive very slow and keep the balance. I went to that parking lot basically every day. The ironi in the story is that the parking lot is a place where the police students practice driving so it´s crowded with polices. I never had a problem with the law though.


My goal was to get the license before July. I was studying the theory sooo hard for about 3 weeks using an application and on 13th of June I passed the theory test. That was such an amazing day and I was so happy. I had about 10 driving lessons in total and I was fortune enough to meet with a group of friends driving together and they accepted me as their tryout / newbie guy =) Riding with them gave me a lot when I was learning. You need those miles in your body without the instructor behind you talking in the radio all the time. 13th of July I had my driving test. I was so nervous and excited about it. It was a beautiful day, I took my moped down to the place and met up with 2 other students that were about to do the driving test. I first failed one of the steps with a very smal margin. It´s when you´re driving in about 70 km/h and then you need to do a quick turn right to avoid an object and then back left again and round a couple of cones. I got out right a little too late, touched the cone and thought that that was it. I thought I failed the whole thing. But the instructor was cool, he saw I could do it so he gave me another shot and i nailed it. Two hours later I had the drivers license in my hand. I did it! I reached my goal and I had my whole vacation coming up soon. Guess what I did this summer? I shit you not but I drove about 10.000 kilometers this summer. I drove that motorbike almost every day. And that feeling…wow!

  1. Finalist in Venture Cup – Sweden´s bigget business competition

When I was doing my first year at the university (Enterprising and Business Development 2012) I got a job as a business developer for a new project with an investor. We were about to develop a computer game for immigrants learning Swedish. My task was to conceptualise the whole idea to a business and write a kick ass business plan. Which I did! My business plans granted the project about 30.000 Euro from Vinnova and a place in the final of Venture Cup – Sweden´s biggest business competition. That was such a good experience and it led to investors approaching us wanting to invest in Aktiv Svenska (the business). We didn´t win the competition and I fucking hated it. I had a very hard time to appreciate and be happy about going that far whit out winning. I guess it´s the winner in me. But that doesn´t really matter now. I mean, it was basically mission accomplished. I applied to Venture Cup for the possibility to give the project some attention. Which it did, so I´m proud and happy about it now.


patrik appelquist aktiv svenska


  1. Spola Pulvret (Flush the powder)

I´ve actually met another new friend this year. His name is Adam. We met thanks to John at Island of Entrepreneurs (a community for entrepreneurs on campus / our apartment in Växjö. Adam was an aspiring entrepreneur at the time and we talked a lot abut business but also about the gym. We ended up running a project called Spola Pulvret. It was a two months project and our goal was to gain 5kg of pure muscle eating nothing but good food. No supplements or pills. No creatine or protein powder or similar. The general consensus is that you can´t gain more than 2kg of muscle per year. We were about to give the myth a challenge.

patrik appelquist spola pulvret

We got sponsored by Alexander Brorson and David Kallebäck, two lovely guys from Sweden´s international athlete team. They helped us out with a workout plan and some diet directions. We weighed everything we ate. It was horrible. I had to eat 3.000 calories a day. That´s at least 1000 calories more than I usually eat. I remember going to Gothenburg on my motorbike to visit my sister and I had to bring that little scale for weighing food. We didn´t gain 5kg of pure muscle each (we never thought we would, that was just something we said to provoke people) but we gained exactly 5kg of muscles together, in only two months!

patrik appelquist spola pulvret

When we did the last measurements at the clinic, the guys working there were astonished and super impressed by our results. They asked us how the hell we did it and they took copies of our documents to show their students and other athletes. We were more than happy about it =) Not to mention all the extra muscle mass we had here and there 😉


We put it all out there if you want to know how we did it. Visit =) Good luck with them gains!


  1. Planning and facilitating an introduction week for the new companies at the incubator

I was working as a business developer for an incubator during 2016, until september. Did I tell you I´m a business nerd? No I didn´t get fed up with business talking business with John at home or running all of my ventures. I needed more!


One of my (and my colleague´s) tasks at the incubator was to hold an introduction week for the new companies coming into the incubator. That´s a tough challenge. We had two new companies coming in the first round and 5 companies coming in the second time. During this week we give the entrepreneurs a vitamin injection. We break down their business idéa and business plan into pieces and then we build it up again stronger than before. We also teach about how it is being a startup in a business incubator, how to get as much as possible out of it and so on. It´s also a very good opportunity for teambuilding between the new companies and between the new companies and us as business developers.


As a facilitator need to be on your toes all the time, you need to be inspiring, pedagogic, involving and able to pep these entrepreneurs for 5 days straight. The material we had was not much to hang in the christmas tree (Swedish expression). It wasn´t much to cheer for. So me and Joanna did everything from scratch. We planned the whole thing, searched for new and updated material and then executed the introduction week.


I had a blast. It was so challenging and draining and I slept like a baby every night that week. But we did it and we did it well. We got some very nice comments and compliments from the entrepreneurs afterwards that really warmed my heart. A special thanks to Hans Patrik Ristner for your compliment the last day of the week, I very much appreciate it!


  1. I grew a beard

Who would have known that breaking my arm would lead to me growing a beard. I mean obviously it´s fucking hard to shave if you´re right arm is into pieces. The whole beard growing process has been a real struggle. First it looked like shit and it was itching, then it looked okey for a while but it was still itching, then it looked like shit again and it felt like it was all over my face and I could barely sleep, then it felt good. Now we´re friends and it feels like he´s a part of me now. He does his thing on my neck and cheeks and I mind my own business. The only thing we do together is the combing and beard oil lubrication. I trim him down once in a while but just a little bit. We agreed on him growing long. He adds something to my face and since I don´t have any hair on my head, I might just have a long beard instead. Classic? I know, but it suits my lifestyle and people are starting to recognize me by the beard. He will probably follow me through 2017 as well. We´ll see if he´s still around when I write my next new years eve blogpost.



  1. My sister had her first child – I was uncle!

I´ve already written a long blog post about this so I´m gonna keep it short. But this was such a magical time and day for me. So many feelings I can barely describe it. I never thought I´d be that emotionally involved but man, I was a wreck. I was crying and laughing at the same time and I was just so freaking happy. That little person that I didn´t even know, all of a sudden ment so much to me. And the connection we had when I saw her, the baby, Agnes is her name – it was just wow! I´ll never forget when Cecilia (my sister) started crying when I held Agnes one evening. Agnes and I had a very nice moment together playing some kind of peek a boo. That´s one of them super sweet moments of life when you really feel alive. I´m so freaking proud and happy for my sister and her little family. She´s such a lovely mother!


  1. Emilia got a job at Volvo

As a big brother I constantly care and worry about my sisters. More before than now. Life was different when we were younger. It was more volatile. The girls grew up and became young women and they make me prouder and prouder for every year. Emilia left Köping for Gothenburg. That was her first big step of taking control of her life seeking the opportunities. I helped her out with a job and Cecilia helped her out with accommodation. She then managed to get a great job at Volvo and her own apartment by herself by being out there looking for opportunities rather than waiting for the opportunities to come to her. Well done little sister! Just recently she started her own business, a clothing line called Straight Outta Streets. Check it out here! As an entrepreneur I love to see her energy and drive. Good luck and remember that entrepreneurship is like playing football. Every venture is a training session. Don´t expect to play the final of Champions league the first thing you do. Zlatan didn´t. But make sure to go to every training and do your best every time. Then I promise you that success will come =)


  1. Moving to the desert in USA

When October came I sold my lovely moped, my motorbike and basically everything I own, we moved out from the apartment and I quit my job as a business developer. It was finally time for me to go on my next adventure. I´m a laptop entrepreneur. Or at least aspiring laptop entrepreneur. I want to be able to travel and make my money while I´m traveling. And that´s what I´m doing at the moment. The first 3 months I´ve spent in California and in two weeks I´ll be going to Nicaragua. My lovely Nicaragua. I haven´t been there since I worked with the street kids on the garbage dump La Chureca in 2011. I´m looking forward to eating gallo pinto con maduro, surfing, the lovely beaches and weather. I´ll stay there for 3-6 months and then I´ll probably go to Dominican Republic and Brazil.


I´ve had a blast here in Yucca Valley and I´m glad that my friend Adam came along with me. We´ve been living with the adorable ladies Mirelle and Nicole and together we´ve been to so many interesting places and had so many interesting conversations. Grand Canyon, Antilope Canyon, Silicon Valley and Caines place, just to mention a few places I´ve been to since I came here. Since it´s not a vacation, me and Adam has being working pretty hard as well. Starbucks all around California has been our office on a daily basis. Thank you Starbucks for making our lives easier. I really appreciate your green tea and high speed internet! One bad thing with the business me and Adam has together is that our hosting company failed us big time. That made our launch about 6 weeks late and that drained me totally. Luckily we managed to go back to Loopia who saved our asses. I love you Loopia!


I love USA and I love americans! I´ve met so many nice people on this trip. I can highly recommend if you are traveling and like to meet new people. Amazing and just amazing! You meet genuine and super nice people and you borrow their couch or whatever they might have to sleep on, free of charge! Why pay for a sterile hotel where you only meet the staff working there? Try it, you will not get disappointed.


Adam, Mirelle, Nicole, Melissa, Caine and Pixl, Ami and Rob, Regi, Filip, Andrew ,Kathryn and Sonora,Tim, Gary, all our colleagues from Starbucks (the office), the Salvadorian gang member, the paranoid Chinese man, Ana the bus driver and everyone else I´ve met on this trip so far – thank you so much for making my stay great in USA =)


9) Learning new things and new projects

This whole trip is planned to be 12 months in total. It might be longer if i manage to make enough money to be on the road. One thing I´ve started doing is learning about daytrading and technical analysis of stocks. It´s so interesting and the good thing is that I can do it from wherever in the world I am as long as I have a computer. I´m not looking for quick cash here. This is an investment of time in a tool I can use for making some money while on the road. I haven´t started trading on a daily basis yet. I got more stuff to learn before I do that but I´m very excited to start trading once my trading strategy is done.


I also have a few new business ideas that I might try out during 2017. I can´t say more now but I´ll let you know when the time is right =)


10) I don´t know…

I´m starting a YouTube serie meeting people with odd jobs

On 2017/01/06 by Patrik Appelquist

If you know me you know that I love people and stories. I love to hear about interesting people doing different things. It´s so inspiring so see and hear about people going against the big crowd, doing their own thing. Society wants us to do do certain things and live our lives in a certain way but some people create their own path in life. I´m naive enough to believe that nothing is impossible. Everyone should live exactly the life they want to live. Some people dare to choose to follow their path, some people don´t. Some people are victims to circumstances, struggling to just survive. Others has the great privilege to actually choose and design the life they want to live. I´m a very much privileged young man and I´ve decided to start a YouTube serie called ”Odd Jobs Worldwide”.

odd jobs worldwide


Odd Jobs Worldwide is the serie/documentary serie/reality show where I´m traveling the world meeting interesting people with odd jobs. I follow people for a day or two filming them to be able to tell their stories, what their work is like and how they live their lives.

I will meet with people living in the middle of the desert, prostitutes, millionaires, monks, ping pong show artists, hackers and so on. I´m not making any money doing this. I do this because I love people and stories. And since I´m already traveling the world I think it´s a nice way to use all of my creativity.

Hope you like it to and make sure to subscribe =)


Salton Sea in photos

On 2016/11/23 by Patrik Appelquist

















Photo shoot in Salton Sea

On 2016/11/21 by Patrik Appelquist

One of the best places I´ve visited in the states so far is Salton Sea. It´s so god damn beautiful and it´s a perfect spot for photo shootings. This time I shot beautiful Mirelle Herrey. This is what we got. Next time I´ll upload photos from the amazing nature and sunset in Salton Sea. Enjoy!


















Playing around in the Mojave desert

On 2016/10/31 by Patrik Appelquist

Do you remember how nice it was to be 5 years old running around playing with your friends outside? Well, that´s kind of what I did the other day. Me, Ellie, Melissa and Adam went on a trip. Ellie said we were going to Cain´s. And what a place then! And what a guy! Later on we met with Pxl (the bear to the left) and ShyAnne (down left). We were checking out Caine´s dome/house  and all he´s art creations.

All of a sudden we were all dressed in different costumes, running around in the frikkin desert taking photos. This is the result. Hope you like it. I had a blast. One of the best days in my life. This is life, this is living! I´m the guy in the mask and black cap btw =)


yucca-valley-caine-117yucca-valley-caine-123 yucca-valley-caine-116 yucca-valley-caine-114 yucca-valley-caine-112 yucca-valley-caine-111 yucca-valley-caine-110 yucca-valley-caine-107 yucca-valley-caine-106

yucca-valley-caine-170 yucca-valley-caine-167 yucca-valley-caine-165 yucca-valley-caine-162 yucca-valley-caine-161 yucca-valley-caine-157
yucca-valley-caine-155 yucca-valley-caine-154 yucca-valley-caine-152 yucca-valley-caine-151 yucca-valley-caine-150 yucca-valley-caine-148 yucca-valley-caine-144 yucca-valley-caine-141 yucca-valley-caine-134 yucca-valley-caine-128 yucca-valley-caine-126 yucca-valley-caine-124

yucca-valley-caine-241 yucca-valley-caine-236 yucca-valley-caine-235 yucca-valley-caine-234 yucca-valley-caine-226 yucca-valley-caine-224 yucca-valley-caine-217 yucca-valley-caine-206 yucca-valley-caine-205 yucca-valley-caine-202 yucca-valley-caine-187 yucca-valley-caine-185 yucca-valley-caine-182

An amazing first week in USA

On 2016/10/27 by Patrik Appelquist

Wow, I mean wow! People have always told me that USA is the shit. That by the time I go there I´ll fall in love with the place and stay for the rest of my life. I´m kind of having that feeling now. I can perfectly understand why people have been telling me this. I love Yucca Valley. I love the people and I love to be here.

patrik appelquist

(me and Adam on the airport in Stockholm)

We´ve only been here a week so far but man, I have met so many new and cool people and I have already experienced so many cool things. I love this. I love being in a new place with completely new people. And I mean, it´s not just that there´s new people, it´s their way of living life, their way of thinking, their way of everything. I get so inspired to listen to other people with their non traditional beliefs.

patrik appelquist

(me on the airplane to LA)

So, at the moment me and Adam lives together with Ellie and Nicole. Two super sweet girls. Nicole is a photographer and Ellie is a model/artist. Me and Adam are sharing a room and the house is super cute (see photo below). It´s located in the middle of the desert and there´s loads of cactuses and sand out here. Once in a while a bunch of coyotes are strolling by howling at us. The stars shine so bright out here and the air is so fresh and clean. It takes us about 10 minutes to get down to ”the city” where we normally go to Starbucks to work. Back home it takes almost an hour since the bus goes the other way around the city and we´re obviously in the end of the route.

yucca-valley-caine-22 yucca-valley-caine-21

yucca-valley-caine-45 yucca-valley-caine-33 yucca-valley-caine-91 yucca-valley-caine-51 yucca-valley-caine-75 yucca-valley-caine-52

Yucca Valley is a super small town with about 20.000 people living here. Tourists are mainly coming here to experience the desert and to see the beautiful national park Joshua Tree. The people are super friendly. I mean super friendly. And nosy =P In a good way. Every time me and Adam are in the supermarket or in a café, people stop us and ask us where we´re from and such. It´s very easy to make friends here, I love it =)


(Nicole playing the guitar and singing)

Many people living here are into this alternative way of living, which I love! I once asked the commune in Växjö if I could put a house boat in their lake just next to the city but they didn´t even know who to ask about it or how to handle my case. Out here it´s much easier. We met Garth the other day. An interesting man who owns land in the desert. He´s letting people come to his land and build their little houses / domes / shelters and they are just amazing. They are slowly becoming a self sufficient commune where everyone helps out. I can definitely see myself live almost like this in the future. With small means, close to nature, close to the big city life, friendly people around you. Though I would prefer to live closer to the ocean.


We went hiking the other day. To the top of that little mountain you can see in the background. It was just a 40 minutes walk or so but the weather was nice and the view from there was quite nice as well. Yes, we´re still working out. But more of a redneck kind of workout using water bottles and our own body weight. Spola Pulvret is for that reason very much alive =)

A video posted by Spola Pulvret (@spolapulvret) on

At the moment we´re in LA in Fountain Valley and we´re about to go to Huntington Beach in an hour or so. Tomorrow we´ll probably go to Muscle Beach and do some workout, all LA style 😉

Talk to ya soon,